Project Support

Supporting male and female students’ training in public higher education. Supporting training employees of official community institutions, such as (prisons-care homes- orphanages ...). Supporting training of members of the community through events, ceremonies and community activities. Supporting and providing counseling and caring for small projects.

Consulting and Training

Training in general aims to bring about development processes and constant change for the better in the individual's abilities and his knowledge, thoughts, behavior, trends, and mental skills.This is in order to be fully prepared to meet the future needs and requirements, and it is done through well thought out and perfectly prepared programs. The…

Publishing and Translation

Quality translation of foreign books related to positivity.


Writing books with respect to intellect and quality base in relation with rooting in positivity and its dimensions by addressing contemporary societal issues, such as (extremism and intolerance diseases- intellectual and deviated behaviors - acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors- societal development)

Scientific Research

Scientific research is the means to investigate systematic and precise steps in accordance with the scientific methodology carried out by a researcher for the purpose of discovering new information or relationships. In addition to developing,correcting or investigating information that already exist.