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Suleiman bin Saleh Almhellb & Sons Holding of the oldest and largest commercial and industrial entities in the northern border region and Al Jawf and most diverse in the industrial, commercial and investment activities.

Holding company going forward thanks to God and the proper planning in several areas where he has a ready-mixed concrete and concrete products Kalbluk types and Alberdorh Interlock tile mosaic tile and cement factories company. And other cities in both the North and Al-Jawf and world-class.

Holding company and in support of their products Cement also owns and to provide what you need from raw materials and basic number of quarries to extract the best gravel materials that align production and quality standards with the largest and most modern mills and crushers The company also owns a fleet of modern tankers of all kinds.

The construction sector is also considered one of the activities that have become characteristic of the ranks of the construction companies in our beloved kingdom and winning the second category.

The company ((alu-metal)) Metal Industries first factory in the region, which produces a wide assortments of wooden doors and metal resistance and a number of associated products according to international standards and holds global ISO certification.

The company Temtlkk Bustan Crown Hotels Company, which took the lead in the region in terms of excellence in providing the best hotel services, making it the top destination for visitors and guests from across the international roads linking the Gulf countries in the Levant, Turkey, Europe, Iraq, Egypt.

In order to continuous development and the preservation of the gains of the company it stands behind these entities, the Board of Directors is well aware of the nature of the stage and knows the requirements of always trying for the better and to the continued development of the sectors and services offered by this company and the keenness of the Board of Directors to find the best management and technical personnel in order to benefit from their expertise and keenness to create the administrative and technical training programs to raise the level of its cadres and keep up with all the new and the company for the global ISO certification is evidence, relying team spirit policy per family and strives to provide appropriate financial allowances and system security, human resources, everyone who works in a family Almhellb Holding.

As was Almhellb Holding one of the first companies supporting the establishment of the Saudi hand in all areas of work and the implementation of joint programs for training and resettlement with all of the labor offices and managed human resources in the northern region, Al-Jawf participants of the state concerned with and that took it upon themselves to fight unemployment and to secure jobs that worthy sons of this homeland .

Conclusion: the words of the Apostle Prophet peace be upon him: (that God loves when one of you to do it well) is our motto in mind that we put in all the work we do.

I ask God Almighty to protect our country and Ullacna from all evil and to guide us ways Rashad

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Director general Suleiman Bin Saleh Almhellb Holding Company and his sons Mohammed bin Suleiman bin Saleh Almhel