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Management group grove summit hotel company in 2000 founded the opening of Al Bustan Summit Hotel 1, a pop-up company from Suleiman Saleh Almhellb & Sons Holding, which has many of the activities and business including Activity hotel industry, which covers first-class hotels and Motillat apartments and furnished residential units and hotel rooms. However reputable service provided and excellence to our guests we opened a second branch Bustan Hotel 2 summit which features new rooms and sprinkled talk to keep up with the requirements of guests and also his privileged position on the road to international Tarif، Hence this success and we want to develop and live up to quality to attract pioneers Kingdom, visitors from all over the world inaugurate the summit Bustan Hotel 3 soon.We are a group of luxury hotels and is characterized by exceptional service and quality we hope to be a target for the comfort and privacy of our guests Happy you are our guest

Management Group summit Bustan Hotel